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  1. Can we get a HOT TUB?

    Due to budget constraints, that option is not currently available.

  2. Please get a sauna - it's great for detoxing and overall healthy.

    Sorry, it is not in the budget.

  3. How about an outdoor basketball hoop?

    We have one at the playground by the ball fields.

  4. The Rec should stay open on HOLIDAYS!

    Due to budget constraints, we can not stay open on all county holidays but we are making an effort to remain open on some this year!

  5. I would love to see you open at 6:30am on all 5 days a week.

    Maybe some day, but right now we do not have enough people coming in early on Mon, Wed, Fri to justify opening earlier on Tue & Thurs.

  6. The Fitness Studio could use some new audio/video equipment.

    Would love to, but right now budget constraints are making any new purchases difficult.

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  1. How about a CAKE decorating class?

    We will look into finding an instructor. Thanks!

  2. Add a Tai Chi class.

    We've tried Tai Chi before and it did not succeed, but will consider it again sometime in the future. Thanks!

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  1. Please put a LARGE PRINT clock in the pool area. Would greatly appreciate it!

    Has been installed. Thanks!

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