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New & Upcoming Classes

To register for classes stop by the front desk or call (303)582-1453.

To register for CSU Extension classes call (303)582-9106.

Pottery - Dog Obedience - Youth Dance - Stitchers


Thursday Evening Pottery

  • Dates: 4/20 - 6/8
  • Times: 5:30 - 8:00p
  • Cost: $135/members - $155/non-members

Instructor: Gabrielle Gewirtz

Wednesday & Saturday Morning Pottery

Both the Saturday and Wednesday classes will focus on form, particularly round and square forms. The cylinder will be emphasized rather than the plates and bowls that we worked with during the winter. Both handbuilding and thrown items will be made.

We will also fire up the gas kiln now that the weather is getting better.

The approaches of the Wednesday and Saturday classes will vary somewhat depending on individual skills and interests.

All levels of experience are welcome and will be able to create some nice pieces.

Saturday Morning Pottery

  • Dates: Winter Session: 1/21 - 3/11, Spring Session: 4/1 - 5/20
  • Times: 9:30a - 12:00p
  • Cost: $135/members - $155/non-members

Instructor: Steve Briggs

Wednesday Morning Pottery

  • Dates: Winter Session 1/25 - 3/15, Spring Session: 4/5 - 5/24
  • Times: 9:30a - 12:00p
  • Cost: $135/members - $155/non-members

Instructor: Steve Briggs

Pottery Open Lab Time

Studio Guidelines:

  • Open Lab Punchcard: 10 punches for $135. Each punch can be up to a 4 hour session.
  • No more hourly drop-ins.
  • Participants must use only clay purchased through GCPR.
  • Glazes are to be used only when cleared first with the instructor.
  • Firing of pieces made in Open Lab are typically done with regular class firings.                        Exceptions include large or numerous pieces for which a firing fee will be assessed.
  • To access the Clay Studio, always sign in at the Front Desk. 
  • Lab time is FREE for current pottery students.
  • Between classes: In a short period, 2-3 weeks (between Winter & Spring,                                Spring & Summer) a student may work in the clay Studio without charge, if registered for        the next session. In longer periods, 6-8 weeks (between Summer & Fall, Fall & Winter),          a Studio fee of $35 will be charged. Purchase of clay extra.
  • End of session: At the end of a typical 8 week session,students have 1 week to                      complete their project.


Dog Obedience

Dates: Thursdays 4/20 - 5/25

Times: 6:30 - 8:00p

Cost: $60/members, $72/non-members

Dogs and their owners will learn and practice basic commands including sit, stay, heel, come, down, tricks, canine health, owner responsibility, dealing with bad habits and socialization.


Instructor: Casey Newman

Youth Dance Classes


  • 4:30 - 5:30p: Pre-School Combination Ballet, Tap & Acrobatics - Ages 3-5
  • 5:30 - 6:30p: Beginning Tumbling 
  • 6:30 - 7:30p: Advanced Tumbling


Cost per Visit: $12/members, $14/non-members

Cost per 4 Punch Card: $32/members, $40/non-members


Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance. It teaches self discipline, poise and grace. Each class will include a warm-up at the barre, Ballet techniques in center floor, and progressions across the floor such as turns, leaps and a Ballet combination. Songs and dances will be taught for ages 3-5.

Acrobatics will improve large motor skills and build strength and flexibility. Young students will learn basic exercises and tumbling. Older students and those with previous acrobatic or gymnastic experience will be taught according to their ability.

Tap is an enjoyable way to learn rhythm and coordination. The students will learn basic to advanced Tap technique, progressions across the floor, turns and a Tap combination.

Instructor: Leslie Ann Chiucchi Dysart

Stitchers Get-Together:

 Dates: Every first and third Thursday of the month

Time: 8:30am - 12:00pm

Cost: Drop-in fee to the Rec

ALL Stitchers wanted: sew, quilt, needlework, knit, crochet.... beginners welcome! Looking for Stitchers interested in getting together twice a month to finish those UFO's, learn something new, share your knowledge, get to know other stitchers. Bring your projects and show'n'tells!


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CSU Extension Classes:

The CSU Extension in Gilpin County offers classes that provide valuable information for a variety of different topics which may include: energy conservation, pine beetle control, noxious weeds and more. 

For more information on classes please contact the Colorado State University Extension, Gilpin County Office at 303-582-9106 or email at [email protected] or visit the CSU Extension website:

Chickens in Your Mountain Backyard

March 8th - 6:30pm - $5 - Exhibit Barn.  We will have a chicken expert talk about the basics of chickens, and then a panel of locals to discuss issues such as predator-proofing and other mountain issues.  Please call (303)582-9106 to reserve your spot!

Save Some Money

Check out our Home Energy Audit Loan Kit for FREE to help you figure out ways that you can save energy and money in your home.  Kit features a kilowatt meter, an air leak detector (infrared thermometer) and thermometers for your freezer and hot water heater to make sure they're at the most efficient settings.

Improve My Home Forest Quality

Reforest, plant for wildlife, diversify or plant a windbreak with low cost seedling trees. .  Some species have already sold out, call for availability and for advice on what to plant.


After School / Friday Camp STEM 4-H

  • Meets at the Community Center 
  • Ages: 5-15
  • Wednesdays: After School - 6p - "Gardening, Cooking & Healthy Living"
  • Fridays: 10a - 12p - "Robotics & Environmental Science"
  • Included with cost of Youth Camp or $6 for just 4-H

The 4-H STEM programs in partnership with Gilpin County Parks and Recreation After School have started for fall 2016. Youth ages 5-15 in the Peak to Peak region who are registered for After School automatically get to attend the Wednesday session from 4-6p at the Rec Center. Wednesday programs will focus on the science of cooking, healthy living and gardening. Those registered for Friday Camp will get to participate from 10a-12p. Others may register for the 4-H program only for $6. Fridays will focus on robotics and environmental sciences.

4-H Youth Explorers

  • Meets at the Fair Barn
  • Ages 8-18
  • Thursdays: 4 - 6p
  • Rockets, Robotics, Alternative Energy Projects and lots more!
  • Saturday, August 13th: Final Prep of BMX Track 10a - 12p

The 4-H Youth Explorers program brings activities of interest to Peak to Peak youth ages 8-18 on Thursday afternoons from 4-6p at the Gilpin County Exhibit Barn. Sign up directly with the CSU Extension program. First time attendees will need parents to fill out paperwork (forms are available at the Extension office). Activities will be decided on by the kids with guidance from the Youth Development staff. Some subjects already decided on are bike skills and maintenance, gym games, the science of cooking, fitness challenge and digital photography. There is no registration fee, but if specialized materials are required there could be a materials fee for a specific program. Snacks will be provided.

The Gilpin Archwood 4-H Club is in full swing with several activities currently available for youth ages 8-18. All prospective members are welcome to visit and explore several topics.

Regularly scheduled 4-H Club meetings (prospective members are welcome to check these out before enrolling) at the Extension Barn (230 Norton Drive).

Dog Agility: Every Thursday 6:30-8p

Business Meeting: First Tuesday 6:30-8p

Archery: Second Tuesday 6:30-8p

Air Rifle: Third Tuesday 6:30-8p

Robotics: Fourth Tuesday 6:30-8p

The Gilpin County Archwood 4-H Club is having an open house for prospective new members (ages 8-18) on Sept 6th at 5:30 pm at the Exhibit Barn (230 Norton Dr, by the Gilpin Community Center).  Come learn about the fun projects you can do, as well as the other fun events (barn dances, rodeo shows, marksmanship competitions in archery and air rifle).  Meetings are held in the Exhibit Barn on Tuesday evenings with the goal of providing positive youth development in our area while encouraging learning, community service, and leadership. For more information, email [email protected].

Many think that if they do not have animals, there may be little else to do in a 4-H club. That is a common myth and in fact, the 4-H club is committed to helping foster positive youth development in our community in many ways.  This is an inspiring factor behind a new series called "Show-Me 4-H" where youth ages 8-18 can come check out some of the thousands of topics available in the 4-H of today (no enrollment necessary)! Young people and their parents are invited and welcome.  Please note: RSVPs to [email protected] are required so that enough materials and supplies can be made available for every participant. 

Do you have a special trade, skill, hobby or passion that you might like to share with our area youth for a couple of hours? Please share with us! You can contact Organization Leader Heather Worrell at [email protected] or by calling (720)323-9228 to receive more information about sharing or participating in the Gilpin Archwood 4-H Club as a potential youth member, parent or community volunteer.